Sizing + Fit


  • All headbands are one size fits most for adults and children. 
  • We use black plastic headbands which has fabric lining on the outside only. 
  • They are 1/2 inch wide 
  • Though they are sturdy, please treat your headband with care!
  • With teeth - unless otherwise specified


  • Trucker caps have an adjustable snap back.
  • Adult-one size fits most


  • size varies per item

Care Guide

  • Treat each and every item ordered from this shop with care. Each individual item is handmade. Though we take into consideration outside wear in all weather conditions, and storage in suitcases in the construction of each item, they are still not damage-proof. Do not expose any of these items to extreme limits or conditions such as weight, temperature (including leaving in direct sunlight), or any unnecessary stressers. 
  • All items must be spot cleaned, only.  Do not put any items from this shop in the washer or dryer. 
  • Expect normal wear and tear as with, any items of clothing, or accessories experience with use.